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“Matt at Top Spin Web Design was extremely helpful in every aspect of the website design and build process. He listened to the ideas I had and put them into practise quickly and efficiently.”

“He answered any queries I had promptly and was willing to go the extra mile to facilitate requests.”

“I now have a presentable, professional looking website which fulfills all the criteria I wanted. I can update my new gallery website whenever I need and the site links to another existing site for buying.”

“I am delighted with the overall service and would recommend Top Spin Web Design to anyone.”

Jackie Harris Glass


“Excellent communication, understood and translated my burblings into something real gently led me to understanding what I needed whilst still allowing creative input.”

“No Jargon or if it was necessary translated into language I could cope with.”

“Very happy with end result, commissioned additional work and recommended to colleagues.”

“Understood what I was trying to achieve and facilitated that process painlessly and with great patience an excellent piece of work.”

Jill Ashley-Jones of Paradigm Collective

Domain Names, Emails & Hosting


We provide domain name registration, email accounts and website hosting options.

Our standard hosting package provides 3 GB of webspace and 20 GB bandwidth per month. It includes up to 1000 email addresses, with webmail for accessing your emails from any computer.

Statistics and visitor tracking show you how many visitors you have had, where they came to your site from, what pages they looked at, how long they stayed and much more.

If you have already have a domain name and/or hosting for your website, say for an existing site, we can discuss whether it would be beneficial to switch to our hosting. If you wish to remain with your existing hosting package, then I can still design a website for you.

Check the prices page for the cost of hosting and domain names.

Content Management Systems

Update your own site

Content Management Systems (CMS) are database driven websites that allow you to edit and update your own site as often as you like, without having to pay a web designer. If you fancy keeping your own blog, or need to have a news page that is constantly changing, then a CMS is what you need. There is no limit to the number of pages you can have. You can log in and administer your site using your internet browser of choice. You don't have to be a computer expert either.

Content managed systems can be either single or muti-user. In multi-user systems, various people can log in and amend your website. Different users can have differing levels of accessibility, thus allowing you control over what can be changed.

Another advantage of a content managed website, other than not having to pay for each update, is that both visitors and search engines consider a regularly updated site more interesting. Consequently, people are more likely to return to your website and your search engine ranking will improve.


Have your own online store

An e-commerce website gives you the opportunity to sell products, whatever they may be, to people all round the world. For most small businesses the cheapest solution to taking payments securely online is to use PayPal. Customers can pay you instantly and securely by debit and credit card, their bank account or by their PayPal account balance.

If you only have a small number of infrequently changing items to sell, then you can opt for a simple site with Paypal payment links. If you have many items to sell and want to have complete control over stock levels, updates to items, etc., then you will need a full blown database-driven site.

Picture Galleries

Put your photos on the web

An easy way to keep track of all those digital photographs and to share those holiday snaps with your friends and family, an online picture gallery is great. These are designed to be very easy to use; no need to resize your images as thumbnails are generated automatically. You can group your pictures into different photo albums for easy reference.

Search Engine Optimization

How will people find my site?

As part of the process of building your website, it will be registered with the main search engines, such as Google. In addition, we can discuss ways to ensure that people visit your site, for instance by:

Read an article on some of the key SEO tips I use.

Standard Compliancy and Accessibility

Ensuring cross-browser compatibility

Our sites are designed to comply with the latest W3C standards for websites. The importance of building a standard compliant website is that it is the best guarantee of getting a site that it viewable across all platforms and all browsers. All the sites that I build use xhtml and CSS.

We aim to build websites that are accessible to as many people as possible, including those with disabilities.