The Colorectal Clinic site:

The Colorectal Clinic

March 2009

The requirement was to design and build a content managed site on which to promote this clinic, based in Droitwich. It was important that the site looked professional and was informative.

I produced a user guide that explained how to use the content management system. I'm still working with the client, helping them with the system and with ways to improve their ranking in the major search engines such as Google.

Barbara Mitra site:

Dr. Barbara Mitra

May 2008

Dr. Mitra is a lecturer at Worcester University. She required a website to display her research into television advertising and its effect on primary school age children. The site had to be updateable by herself and allow people to make comments about her research, hence a content management sytem was built. The chosen design was based on a television screen.

The site is now up and running and Dr. Mitra is beginning to add content to it.

Jackie Harris Glass site:

Jackie Harris Glass

April 2008

Jackie Harris is a designer/maker of contemporary glass work. Her only presence on the internet was through a commercial site where she sold some of her glassware. She wanted a site where people could find out a bit more about herself, the glassware she produces and the process involved.

The finished site uses one of Jackie's pieces as the main part of the design. The website includes a content management system and a picture gallery, thus allowing Jackie to update the content of her site and add pictures of new items as soon as they are made.

Mitra Jenkins family site:

Mitra Jenkins Family

October 2007

The Mitra Jenkins family required a new site that would allow all the family to maintain and update it regularly. In particular was the desire to add photographs quickly and easily.

The solution was a content management system (CMS) that included a photo gallery.

The content management system was based upon Snews, a freely available CMS based on PHP and MySQL. The photo gallery used was ZenPhoto, which again is free to use and utilizes PHP and MySQL.

The Shorthand Place

May 2007

The client had been working with another web design company and was disappointed with the service he was getting and the quality of the site itself. The requirement was to create a new 'look and feel' for The Shorthand Place, whilst also providing the client with a friendly, one-to-one relationship. A number of possible styles were considered, with the chosen one then being tweaked to the client's satisfaction.

The Fold

February 2007 - updated February 2008

When The Fold® web site was initially built, its prime purpose was to be an online presence to attract people to The Fold® itself, which had only just opened.

Over time the site has developed and expanded, with regular updates. Consequently, we agreed that it would be preferable to allow the content of the site to be managed by The Fold®. The benefits for this are twofold; firstly, updates can be made immediately without having to contact Top Spin Web Design and secondly, the long term costs will be lower. The new content managed site is now up and running.

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